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Closing doors
2011 passport
I've spent a lot of time thinking over the years about why I have such trouble closing doors. By this I mean that I have trouble letting go of options, terminating possibilities. I want to hang on to them all. This means that I frequently fall into the trap of splitting my attention too many different ways, and then nothing receives adequate attention.

This ties in with another M.O. of mine, which is rotating. I go through periods of focusing on a particular thing (or person), then I drop it, move onto something else, and eventually I rotate back. This is one of the reason I like working on websites - they do not require sustained effort, and will still be there when I cycle back to them months down the line.

Relationships, unfortunately, do not weather this so well.

So I've known that I work like this for quite a while. Question is, what can I do about it? How can I get myself to bury some options, take one path at a fork in the road instead of trying to straddle?


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