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At the risk of coming off as an arrogant asshole, I have to say I HATE working with stupid people.

In general, I think I have a pretty high tolerance for people who are either less informed or less smart than I am. But this one guy in particular is getting my goat.

I'm volunteering my services to help the cause of Dr. Ágnes Geréb, who is synonymous with the home birth movement in Hungary, and who was jailed recently. Her "team" as far as I can tell is hopeless. I sent them an email saying I'd be happy to help with the international effort in any way I can (since it appeared for a while the only reporting in English that was happening was from me...) So they put me in touch with this guy who is supposedly coordinating the international effort on her behalf, and on behalf of the home birth movement in Hungary. Apparently the "international effort" consists of a single petition that this guy has been working on for 3 weeks. I wrote the cover letter, the petition itself, and some background articles, I gathered the names and the addresses of the people we should send it to. I don't know what he's been doing, mostly just acting confused about technical details. He doesn't know how to edit an excel file sent as an email attachment. He doesn't know how to sort alphabetically. He doesn't know (or can't figure out) that if we send out individualized letters (Dear XYZ) then we can't just mass cc everyone the same letter.

As I found out, he also doesn't know anything about the background of the home birth movement in Hungary or anywhere else in the world, nor does he care to know. He doesn't speak Hungarian, so he can't really keep up with the news in this language. He's got tunnel vision on getting Dr. Geréb out of jail (important, I grant you), but doesn't care one whit about the rest of the work that needs to be done, such as getting Hungarian authorities to finally come up with the legal framework to regulate home birth, which is legal in Hungary, except they jail the midwives who assist with it... wtf.

So anyway, what *I* am trying to do is get international exposure for this story, AND get the Hungarian authorities to come up with good regulations. This guy is working on this ONE petition. Granted, it's to some big names in the field, but it's ONE petition, which the judge and the ministers it's being sent to may or may not decide to even read. Fifteen different projects could have been pulled off in this time by someone a bit more agile than this guy. He is slow, he talks a lot but says little, he is a technological luddite (to be kind about it)... in short, he is AN IDIOT.

WHY oh WHY is he apparently in charge of the international effort? *rhetorical question*

And no, I'm not taking it sitting down, I'm working around him. I just had to vent. I HATE working with stupid people.

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Possibly because he's the only one willing to take it on? You're an exception in that you will actually take the initiative to go out and try to change something... most people are not like that. I can understand the frustration, though, because it's hard when you know what has to be done, and realize the folks supposedly in charge aren't doing it. Are you in a position to take on more responsibility, and would he let you spearhead the other efforts, allowing him to do...whatever he's doing (is he an attorney?)?

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