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18 September 1974
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1974 I am born.
1975 I stop drooling and start speaking, technically in Hungarian.
1981 I enter first grade and start learning German. I forget most of it.
1985 I start learning English. It doesn't stick.
1986 I move to Chicago, IL, USA and continue my education in a Catholic school. I'm not even baptized, but my English improves.
1989 I enter New Trier High School in Winnetka, IL, USA. I start learning French. I forget most of that, too.
1992 I am obliged to graduate from high school and move back to Budapest, Hungary. I am not pleased.
1993 I defect from the motherland and return to the United States to live the bohemian life at UC Berkeley, CA, USA. I find I am not in the least bohemian.
1995 I finally realize there's more to life than school, and promptly found the Society for Human Sexuality, San Francisco chapter.
1996 In an effort to become a cool geek, I start working at Forté Software as a support engineer. I also start learning Latin just so I don't feel overwhelmed by practicality.
1997 I graduate from UC Berkeley with an admirably wide-ranging liberal arts and sciences education and an utterly unmarketable Bachelor's degree in Psychology.
1998 My life comes to a halt when my father commits suicide a week after my grandmother dies. I move to Hungary to be useful to my family.
1999 I find myself on the board of directors of not one but two commodities brokerage firms. I flee to graduate school at Cornell University and desperately try to remodel myself into a biologist.
2000 I am stranded in Ithaca, NY, USA. What now?
2001 I just couldn't take the ivory tower anymore. Along great fanfare, I received my Master of Science degree from Cornell and returned to Hungary, where I am in the process of finding life, joy and fulfillment. And my own company.
2002 I fall in love with horseback riding, and quite possibly a married man. Two not unrelated events. Argh.
2003 I fell off the horse and onto my face with the married guy. Was saved by a miracle named David.